02 March 2009

The Thick Fug of Exhaustion

If anyone has advice on how to be less exhausted all the time, I would be happy to hear it. I can't take it anymore. I don't think I would be so bothered if I weren't being conscientious about getting enough sleep. Help.


  1. Sorry to hear of your extreme fatigue.

    Have you tried aroma therapy?

  2. Does having lavendar oil in the bath count?

  3. I think the massage is the real imput to mental health. We are social primates with an innate desire for physical contact. Unfortunately in Anglo-Saxon culture this tactile desire has become sexualized. Or at least touching has become slightly taboo.

    The parts of our body that are public are small. And the contact allowable is ritualized and superficial.

    A gentle stroking massage can have a powerful neuro-chemical impact on us. You need to find someone who has empathy and kindness. I'm not sure if special techniques and unctions are necessary.

    Anyroad, take care of yourself.