01 September 2010

Thank You!

I'm now a fully dissertated former grad student.  While I'm really looking forward to sleeping for more than two hours at a time tonight, I'm really not happy that my year is over.  If I thought I could actually get away with living in the common room in the philosophy building - as I not infrequently threaten to do - then I would.  There are shower facilities and a kitchen in there, after all; I could make it work.

I'm really pleased with myself for getting my dissertation done and turned in.  It was a fascinating project to work on and hopefully it turned out well.  As I know I've said before, I was writing about mental health policy and legislation and I want to thank everyone who has ever commented on this blog and everyone who writes the blogs I read - I couldn't have done it without you.  I've been keeping this blog for going on two years now and the ongoing conversation has been a great help not only in crafting my dissertation but also in deepening and elucidating my own personal understanding of what mental disorder is and who I am.  Not the least important, I have enjoyed it!