06 March 2009


My next door neighbor is outside fixing my poor broken car for me. (The driver's side window won't roll up anymore.) It had been sitting out there waiting for me to have time to take it in and he noticed that it had been sitting there with plastic taped over the window for almost two weeks and when I was out on the porch with my cigarette he offered to fix it for me.

I can't believe how kind people are sometimes. He won't let me pay him, I know, but I am going to bake a cake for hime and his wife and leave it on their porch as a thank you. What a lovely beginning to a week's vacation!


  1. I'm beginning to think I might quite like to live in that strange part of the counry you do. Here, were I to leave my car window ajar (I don't think windows can be left 'ajar') I would no doubt find trash, small dead animals and possibly explosives pushed through the gap. I did live in rural france for a time and there I encountered similar gestures of plain kindness (although occisionally a little strange and 'exotic' like finding boxes of culled magpies on the step!)
    I would very much like someone closeby to do me a favour, not least because that would give me a good reason to cook something nice for someone other than myself!
    Enjoy your holiday /vacation and i hope your neighbours/neighbors appreciate their cake!

  2. Yes, it's a nice strange part of the country even though I did just leave an exhibition opening at the gallery, went to the grocery store and ran into one of the artists with my basket full of cat food, feminine hygeine articles and diet coke. That an occasionally embarrassing downside.
    Culled magpies would, in my book, count as exotic. How extraordinary. Here, one would be more likely to get squirrels. I'm not sure which I'd prefer.
    Thank you for the American to English translation, too. It made me notice that I had put 'neighbors' in the post but tagged it with 'neighbours.' Dissociative Cultural Identity Disorder, that.