18 March 2009

Nothing In Particular

I quite genuinely forgot how hectic the week is when school is in session even though I was only out one week! I've got a post I really want to put up but I just don't foresee having time to finish it before Friday at the earliest and more likely Sunday. However, I don't want to get entirely out of the habit of posting so I thought I'd take a few minutes and write something, anything.

Part of the reason I'm so busy right now is that the university's undergrad philosophy conference is on Saturday and I am presenting and helping to set up. I was over in one of the professor's offices this afternoon laying out the program (our department as a whole is not really good at computers) and on Saturday I'll be there at 8.15 to make coffee and help set up. I'm presenting at 10.55, which is good because I won't have too much time to get nervous and then it'll be lunch and I'll be able to properly enjoy the rest of the papers. It's a juried conference and last time I got third place: I'm hoping to do better this time. I'm reading my paper on the invalidity of biological sex dimorphism as an exclusive disjunction and if you would like to know more, click here to see an older post. Wish me luck!

Even though this week has been one thing after another, I have a lot of energy because I am very happy about this dating thing (or becoming hypomanic: I am honestly not sure. Could be the lovely spring weather, too.) Since she has Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening commitments this week and I have Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening commitments, we are going for dinner on Sunday night.

You see, I broke my own rules by failing to have a plan when I asked if I could ask her out and I also haven't gotten my hair cut (it needs to be cut so badly, it has been since September) and dinner is not a very good first date plan. However, I think it's going to be okay and that I can still get away with tidying my hair up myself. Sunday seems a long time coming.

I promise not to be so omphaloskeptic the next time I post!


  1. Somehow your latest post didn't appear in my blog-update feeder thingy so I've only just found it. It's a little bit late and I guess you'll already be wowing them in the conference by now but if it's not too late then here's wishing you loads of luck!
    Also for tomorrow - the much anticipated date. I really hope it turns out to be rather wonderful for you. You don't have to tell us anything but obviously, I'm hoping that you do!

  2. Thanks for the well-wishing. I had my best presentation to date this morning, and I was quite pleased about that. That girl I'm going out with tomorrow night came and watched, which was both flattering and nervous-making, and I went and saw her in the Vagina Monologues (of all things) on Friday. Between that and my paper...well, there were a lot of anatomy words flying around this weekend.
    I'm all twitter-pated (as a friend of mine says) about tomorrow. I'll definitely say something: how could I not?