12 February 2009

Three for a Girl and Four for a Boy

The semester is almost half-way over and we are not yet suicidal.

Occasionally, the old flock of magpies swoops down and squawks, reminding me of "the sixteen things I have left undone that must be done this very minute or the world will end" or "the eighty-seven unforgivable things you did before the age of six that mean you ought to lie down and eat dirt". They were so thick and fast when they came, at last, and more and more and more, but now they come mostly in two's.

There are so many Very Important for the Future tasks I must complete this month and I don't know why I'm not lying in bed, unwashed and fearful. Bizarrely, I am getting more exercise than I have in years, sleeping and keeping up or almost up with everything I'm supposed to do. I keep taking showers and getting dressed in the morning in clothes that are starting to be a little big for me.

It is unutterably strange.
It feels vaguely immoral.
It feels fantastic.


  1. If you have found the secret formula then please do share it!

  2. I wish I could bottle it and hand it round and keep a little for the future. I used to include a ziploc bag with a little blue sanity on my packing lists as a joke. The sanity had to be blue: can you imagine what orange sanity would be like? or pink?
    If only one could keep a little spare sanity in a ziploc bag!