14 February 2009

Giant Muffins

Just a short one today as I'm meant to be working and I didn't get as much done last night as I'd hoped. Part of the reason for that is that I did some baking, in honor of the dork vs. dork study match I'm having tomorrow afternoon with the ex: her presentation and my thesis.

I like baking. It's a great stress reliever to me, like reading cookbooks when I feel overwhelmed. In cookbooks, no one gets married or applies to grad school or dies and the worst possible outcome is feeling hungry or inspired to make a nice meal for a change.

I have two dinky little springform tins that are a mere 4 inches/10cm in diameter. I use them when I'm feeling a bit dainty and girly to make my cake for my studytime tea or coffee breaks. Usually I put them on little dessert plates and ice them or make a design in powdered sugar but I don't think that will work this time. I seem to have accidentally made giant muffins instead of cakes. Here is their portrait:

Any decorating ideas? The last several times I've baked with these I filled them to about the same level as I did this time but this is the first time that they have burst forth in this manner. Oh dear. I was very amused when I opened the oven door.

Wish me luck with the thesisizing! I need it.

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  1. That just looks so cosy, so very 'Little House on the Prairie'! It's making me want to bake cakes (something I've never been much good at).I share your sentiments about cook-books. I seem to have amassed several shelves full.My favourite is Patience Gray's 'Honey from a weed' - she details exactly how to build the right kind of 'stove' from the right type of stones using the right species of wood! Practically useless in an urban environment but a joy to read!
    I'm sorry I'm stuck for a decorating idea too. Creativity seems to have seized up just now. It's a sorry state of affairs!
    Besides, you've probably eaten them by now! Hope you enjoyed.