14 February 2009

Those Foul Little -mi Verbs

Well, I just looked up the origin of the word "thesis" and found that it comes from τίθημι, one of those dread verbs ending in -mi. I will confess that I quite irrationally hate them and do my best to ignore their existence, which does not work out well in translation. Hint to budding classicists, do not get emotionally involved with the morphology - it will end badly.
However, this is a blog and not a classics course (I hear readers saying 'really? she finally figured that out?') so I am going to ignore the fact that thesis comes from τίθημι and stick with thesisizing. This is not only because I have forgotten how to form the infinitive with -mi verbs but also because τίθημι has caused me many sleepless hours with its tricky ways and resemblances to ἵημι, the only verb more annoying than τίθημι.
Here endeth the rant.


  1. hello, katherine, i am nancy. i live in columbus, ohio and i have a blog, too -

    i found you via sister mary martha and am already a fan!


  2. And a hello to you, nancy. I'm glad you're here.