21 February 2009

Powerpoint Is Not Nice

This is going to be a rather self-indulgent post. I seem to have contracted some sort of block. I think it must be related to the many hours I spent staring at this same screen trying to force out little, constipated answers for two take home tests this last week. I've had five exams (five!) this week, one for each class. Between that and the thesis and the upcoming Classics Awareness Week (don't ask) I am exhausted. I also really don't care whether one of the rooms we've booked has the appropriate equipment for a powerpoint presentation or not. I don't like powerpoint. Neither does the head of our classics department. I just can't get as worked up about it as Imperator nostri, Stultus Puer Ipse, thinks I ought.

Oh people. Popule. What does it even matter whether there exists a projector for powerpoint presentations? It's about to be Lent and spring and snow all at the same time. The snow drops on the east side of campus have bloomed inside the ivy and I counted twenty-two robins when I was having a cigarette between classes yesterday. Tomorrow, I'm going to a wedding. The next time I turn around, it'll be sundress weather again.

Of course, it'll snow at least twice after the first week of warm weather, but never mind.

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