20 January 2009

The Taste of Homemade Victory is Sweet

In honor of the joyful proceedings tomorrow, I wanted to share my election night 'Martha Stewart' type project. I was very enthusiastic! I am very enthusiastic!

I was lucky enough that I saw the man himself at a rally here in my fair city. He spoke mostly about healthcare and health insurance, which I liked because they are abiding concerns of mine. He even spoke about mental health coverage parity. So, let's all remember to try to keep him honest on the affordable healthcare for all Americans (and ALL illnesses.)

If things aren't better this time next year, I propose a Mad March on Washington. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, though; it's a long walk from here to DC!


  1. Love the cookies! I wish you could send them my way. :)

  2. The cookies are very touching, and I like the idea of a Mad March, if it comes to that.

    *fingers crossed*