25 January 2009

Someday Soon I Shall Have a Disproportionate Number of Cats

I feel that I have become an official nutter. On Thursday, I was standing at the bus stop, thinking about how happy I am that I'm going to graduate, and all of the sudden I realised that I was singing - out loud.

Fortunately, no one else was there. I do have a habit of talking to the cat (that is, speaking out loud when there is no one else in the room and pretending that what I said was addressed to the cat.) I do sing around the house quite a bit and I hold a running commentary when I'm doing schoolwork, especially translating. However, I had never yet caught myself singing without realising it before.

Now I wonder whether I've ever done it before. Maybe I'm not imagining all of those weird looks. . .

If you're wondering, I was singing 'Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion' from Handel's Messiah. I was not singing it very well. I can't quite do all the sixteenth notes. Or the highest ones.

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