13 January 2009

School's in for Winter

Well, tomorrow is back to school for me. I'm so nervous! I bet I'll feel better by tomorrow night if only from exhaustion. (Wednesday is the big church night - rosary and choir practice and then there's also a party for the new artists at my job!)

I'm no end pleased to have received my first comment and to have three followers, one of whom is the lovely Sister Mary Martha herself! I never thought that would happen this quickly.

I'm too pre-occupied to have much else to say this morning apart from:

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for me
St. Catherine of Alexandria, pray for me
Everyone who sees this, please pray for me

It's my last semester. . .I can't believe that I might actually graduate! (And am I not specially blest to have two saints who are patrons not only for students but also for philosophers? Very nice for a philosophy student. . .)

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