06 August 2010

Pointless Spillover from Facebook

The plural of the noun 'fly' is 'flies'.

The verb 'fly' conjugates as follows:

I fly                     We fly
You fly               You fly
He/She/It flies     They fly

It is never, under any circumstances, spelled 'flys' or 'flyes'.

I want to put this in my status update so badly but I can't do it without hurting people's feelings.  Instead, I'm putting it up here.  Unbelievably, three different people have spelled either of the two incorrectly in their status updates over the past 72 hours.  What iz the world coming 2? 

Thanks for your patience with my orthography-bile! 


  1. Surely everyone knows it's actually spelled flize...or is is flyze? ;o)

  2. oh dear. I relate: facebook should have an option for correcting errors in other people's comments. I think I was happier in a time where I was less confronted with stupidity... (miaow!)


  3. Maybe it's flyezes? As in, "there iz a lot of house flyezes in ma kitchen"? ;)

    It's always the multiple instances of the same mistake that get me. I can let go of one mistake pretty easily but when multiple people make the same or a very similar mistake in a short period of time, I find it hard not to pick up the blue pencil!