02 April 2010

Appropos of Absolutely Nothing

I was looking at facebook this evening when this tryptich of advertisements caught my eye:

Just about sums it up, doesn't it?


  1. Funny - and tragic! I have always been fascinated by the serendipitous (or less s ) juxtapositions of advertisements in magazines (and now internet). Perfectly sums up the contradictions of a consumerist-capitalist system, n'est pas?!

  2. Indeed it does! It also tells you about what facebook advertisers think that 29 year old females want - fancy shoes, a pink credit card to buy them with and some debt counseling. They know me well, I must say!

    It's just such a perfect encapsulation of the individual's place in the economic scheme. I could not help but laugh.

  3. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Well spotted!

    Lola x