08 April 2009


Well. Here I still am.

It's been a funny old week: I am unendingly behind on my schoolwork and happy because I'm dating a very sweet girl and very anxious that I won't be able to graduate because I am subconsciously convinced that I have screwed something up irremediably without realizing it. I am on the verge, I believe, of having an offer of a place at one of the MA programs I applied to and it snowed quite a bit yesterday but did not kill the flowers, thank God. I have a tension headache and yet keep finding myself singing because I'm happy.

So yes: my emotional life makes no sense at all right now.

It's Holy Week, too. Lots of church, which I like, with lots of music that I like. Time to get the house cleaned out on Good Friday, which is really a Jewish custom for Passover but which I have adopted because I like it. Really, what good is the church calendar if it can't occasionally tell you when to plant things and clean your house?

This is a fairly nonsensical post, which only makes sense given the circumstances, and really I just wanted to say 'hello, I am alive', anyway.

Hello. I am alive.


  1. Well I am glad to hear that!
    I was getting a little worried although rather hoping you'd been whisked up in a new romance, hence the blog hiatus. I know the feeling of uncertain-academic-screw-ups I was convinced I'd flunked my degree before they handed me 2 firsts! To this day I'm still sure they made a mistake and feel a bit guilty for not having mentioned it! I'm sure you'll be fine. You seem like such a clever, studious young lady!
    I'm also going to be observing good-friday cleansing rituals and I'm not in the least bit Jewish. I wasn't aware the church gave horticultural instruction. I could be persuaded to observe!
    Good luck with this.. and that.. and oh, when do we get to hear about the date/s? I'm terribly nosey and need some vicarious romance!
    Glad you're back, happy and alive.

  2. I'm glad you're okay. I was wondering where you'd got to.


  3. Vicarious romance will have to wait until after Holy Week, I'm afraid. Between the church superbowl (as my father calls it: church world cup would, I suppose, be a good international equivalent) and the schoolwork I'm stretched a little thin for a bit.
    As for horticulture, you must plant your beans on Good Friday.
    Thank you for the welcome back!

  4. Seconding LoopyKate and Lucy McGough in being pleased to hear from you, and glad that you're ok. :o)

    I have to be honest, i'd never heard of house cleaning for passover/ easter. I always just knew it as spring cleaning!

  5. Oh! I am NOT failing my Math 155 course, as it turns out. I went and talked to the professor yesterday and though I am not doing terribly well, I am certainly not failing. So, I feel much better about it all today...then again, I'll get my economics test back in about an hour and I may well feel worried again after that. We'll see.