07 July 2010

Stuck on Repeat

Life is the thing that repeats itself.  I think that I have been broken, blown and burned but there I am, doing the exact same thing over again but thinking it to be different until it turns out not to be, again.  And again, and again.

Have I ever mentioned that women are confusing?  And that they distract one from one's work?  Bother.

I hate the month of July.


  1. So sorry to hear you're feeling downcast and dejected. July so far hasn't been the easiest month for me either. I hope things improve for you and that you will soon be able to move on with a bold smile.
    Take care.

  2. Thanks Kate! I actually do feel better by now. Women are still confusing but I am less personally confused by a particular woman than I was this morning and thus I feel more sanguine about life.

    Still didn't get any work done, though. Ah, well, what else is tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow) for? Bother. :)

    Hope things pick up for you, too!