22 September 2009

Where Have I Been?

I've finally manage to drag myself, bag and baggage, to London by way of Baltimore, DC, New York and Atlanta - for visa, parents, visa and a wedding, respectively. Why did I end up traveling to two different cities in order to get my visa? Ask Gordon Brown about the UK government's recent improvements to the PBS visa system.

Anyhow, I am currently holed up in a very small room in a hostel whilst I flat hunt. I really, genuinely love flat hunting, so I would be in high heaven if I weren't so knocked out by the jet lag. I am very happy, though, and happier still because rents have dropped off so sharply since 2002, which was the last time I looked for a flat here.

However, until I find a flat, I am stuck paying Vodafone through the nose for internet access, so I am putting my blog on a formal hiatus for a few weeks. Wish me luck with finding a new home and the start of term!


  1. Good luck. (Not that you'll be able to read this...)


  2. Welcome ashore!
    Best of luck with the flat-hunting. Look forward to seeing you back 'on' in a few weeks.

  3. Good hunting! :) See you soon.

  4. Welcome to the UK! Good luck with getting it all sorted. :o)